I'm a lawyer, activist, speaker and writer, working to combat violence against women and young people in everyday life, online and in the legal arena. I'm committed to creating lasting change in the fight against gender violence, starting at the earliest ages -- through practical education about the real-life situations that young people today face.


My passion for these issues started at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, where I prosecuted a wide range of cases impacting women and girls. Realizing that sex trafficking cases were going unrecognized, I led the charge in 2009 to create one of the first Sex Trafficking Units in the United States. 

My move into the nonprofit world marked a shift from helping victims recover to a focus on prevention and hope. In 2016, I co-founded the national coalition World Without Exploitation to end human trafficking and sexual exploitation. I also am the creator of the Teen Leadership Initiative, a high school program that has engaged young activists in this fight. 

Today, my speaking platform UNsilence takes me around the world, where I feel so lucky that I get to engage deeply with young people, parents, educators and professionals about the tough issues we are all facing today. 

I'm grateful that my work makes an impact and that I get to share my ideas with the media to reach more people and help wipe out exploitation wherever it lives.