Workshops & Keynotes

I speak on a variety of issues impacting young people and customize my talks to each audience.

Here are some of my favorites. 

For Students

Tackling the Tough Issues: Navigating Online Safely & Thoughtfully

Click. Snap. Send. Friend. For today’s highly connected teens and tweens, navigating the online world adds a new layer of complexity to everyday life. Rampant device use and a pervasive culture of Snap-worthy moments, have given rise to real-life social challenges that often have lasting consequences.


This interactive program offers a deep exploration of some of the most pressing issues young online users are facing today: the complexities of social media and multi-player gaming, the permanence of photographs, and the pitfalls of constant digital communication.


Students will be presented with scenarios and troubleshoot strategies to learn how they can approach some of the toughest online realities. 

Human Trafficking: It's Happening In Our Backyards - What We Can Do

Human trafficking isn't just happening overseas. It's happening every day, in every neighborhood in the U.S. And it's a multi-billion-dollar industry. 


We will take a close look at who the victims are, the patterns of exploitation and the tactics traffickers use that leave many young people vulnerable


With a deeper understanding of the issue, we will discuss and strategize about community-based advocacy and solutions to engage young people and stop trafficking where it has the potential to grow.

For Parents

Growing Up OVERexposed:  Raising Children in an Ever-Changing Digital Age

Insta, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat…In today’s digital frenzy, online interactions are everywhere. As parents of “digital natives,” the challenges associated with this technology takeover are real and rampant.


This interactive workshop provides parents with a clear look at the perks and pitfalls of social media, the realities of multi-player games and the complexities of constant online communication.

Together, we will explore concrete strategies to assist children to navigate this Digital Age safely, thoughtfully and with empathy.

Beyond the Sexual Assault Statistics: Helping Teens Navigate Consent, Bystander Intervention & Rape Culture


The numbers are staggering: 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted on college campuses. The reality is, we can’t wait until our kids are heading to college to talk about sexual assault, consent and prevention.


We will examine the complicated landscape of sexual assault, alcohol and consent and discuss strategies for empowering our teens to help prevent violence.



Workshops & Keynotes

Leading organizations bring me in to develop programs specifically designed to reach their teams.

Making Progress in this #MeToo Moment

We all deserve to work in an environment where we feel safe, supported and empowered. In this #MeToo moment, we need to be cracking open candid conversations about complicated issues so that together, we can do better.

This interactive program offers a deep exploration into the realities of sexual assault, sexual harassment and how gender norms and stereotypes impact our workplace.


Participants will take a critical look at our current culture and our role in it, and then work together to develop concrete strategies to create a culture where we are able to intervene effectively and stand up for ourselves and others.  

Working Against an Entrenched Culture of Violence & Discrimination

We explore the spectrum of gender violence and discrimination issues that are deeply ingrained in our culture: the objectification of women and girls in media, societal pressures on men and boys, rape culture, consent, intimate partner violence, and online exploitation.


Once participants have a deeper understanding of these issues, we work together to begin crafting concrete steps and strategies for community-based solutions.